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Welcome to The Only Rust.

Here, all we aim to do is have fun.... TONS of it!

all we ask is that you follow these simple rules.

  1. NO toxic behavior
    1. We would like to keep things fun for everybody. including your victims. Just be a good sport about it.
  2. NO Zergs
    1. we dont mind communities, neighborhoods, and compounds. Just dont go out in a massive mob and wipe half the map out. 
    2. lets try to keep it to roaming pvp groups of 2. 
    3. its ok if theres a lot of your group together outside, mining, hunting wildlife, but if a fight breaks out or intruders need correcting, only 2 engage. the rest need to take cover or evacuate until it is safe to resume whatever activities. 
  3. last but most important.. have as much fun as possible! if your not having fun, it may be time for a break. We don't want anyone having a stroke or heart attack from getting too worked up over their session or base getting blown away by a successful local explosives technician. 

Our server wipes (map only) on the first thursday of every month or when forced. We only wipe BP's when forced.

if you wish to contribute to server upkeep please see the contact us page and choose "Other"